Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Our firm offers competitive life insurance rates from most of the major life insurance companies.  In fact, if you want LOW-COST term LIFE INSURANCE, we represent many of the most competitive companies available.  You get the same low-cost term life insurance you see advertised on the internet from a highly trained financial planning professional.  If you prefer a high quality permanent insurance product or have unique health ior underwriting concerns, we can work with you to get you the coverage you need.  Below is just a sample of the highly rated carriers we represent.  


    Tom Wood is Licensed Life & Health Agent, California Life License # 0B85106






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Life insurance can be quite useful for many financial planning purposes:

  • Family Protection - Few other events can cause the financial devastation to a family like the loss of an income earner.  Even the loss of a stay at home spouse can cause serious economic hardships as the family must meet mortgage payments, health insurance costs, daily living expenses and now perhaps day-care for the children, job seeking expenses, education for the children or even a non-working spouse now being forced to seek a new career.  Additionally, the costs of funeral and other final expenses such as unpaid medical costs can present a major hardship if a family is not protected with adequate life insurance.


  •  Business Continuation Planning - Many businesses are forced to close or be sold at a price much lower than the expected market value in the event a business owner or partner dies.  The tax-free nature of life insurance makes it very efficient in helping provide the funds for a partner's spouse to buy out their former spouse's interest or for a key employee to purchase the business and allow the surviving family members to continue with their desire financial security--despite an untimely death of the business owner.


  • Estate Planning - Again life insurance can provide the income tax free funds to pay the IRS the estate taxes due on an inherited estate.  Use of Life Insurance Trusts (ILITS) can also significantly reduce estate taxes.

Types of Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance

There are essentially two main types of life insurance: Term life insurance and permanent insurance.  Term insurance is designed to help provide life insurance protection for a certain period of time such as 10 years or 20 years.  Term life insurance is usually the least expensive and can be quite useful for families on a budget to protect their loved ones until the children finish college or until the home is paid for or until other financial goals are achieved.

However, after the term has passed for term insurance, the cost of maintaining this insurance protection can be very expensive.  While you could try to reapply for another term policy, if your health or other circumstances change, you may be unable to find a policy at an affordable rate.  For people planning to need life insurance protection for longer periods of time such as with estate planning or business continuation planning, permanent insurance may be a better alternative over the long-term. 






 We offer some of the lowest cost term-life insurance from some highly rated carriers!!

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To download a FREE Buyers Guide to Life Insurance from the National Association of Insuance Commissioners (NAIC) CLICK HERE or to go to their website CLICK HERE for general unbiased information on insurance.

Permanent Life Insurance

There are numerous different types of permanent life insurance.  Some offer fixed payments that are designed to stay the same and be paid throughout your life such as whole life.  Others provide a larger premium payment at first but accumulate cash value and at some point the premium can be discontinued.  Other permanent life insurance policies provide for flexible payment strategies so that more can be paid into the policy some years and less in other years.  Of course, it is important to know that interest is earned when premiums are paid into the policies and insurance costs are deducted whether or not premiums are paid.  Therefore, if premiums paid are not adequate to cover current and future insurance costs, a policy could lapse unless enough premiums are paid.  Still, this type policy can be effective at providing some flexibility for policy holders such as businesses that may have uneven cash-flows.


We can help review your specific needs and help you decide which insurance and how much insurance you need to achieve your unique financial goals.


For a FREE quote, go to the "Request a Quote" Tab and complete the Life Insurance Quote form or call (530) 244-7526 or (530) BIG-PLAN.









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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck